Bill Smart Consulting (BSC) Bill Smart Consulting (BSC)

Focus and Methods

BSC helps organizations make better business decisions. 

BSC accomplishes this by giving better access to their most precious asset - INFORMATION. 

BSC's approach leverages both existing business expertise, computer systems and data.


BSC's techniques and technologies include:

- System Develop Process-based Project Management

- Joint Application Development (JAD)

- Information Architecture and Design

Logical Data Modeling

-  Data Warehouses/Data Marts

- Executive Information Systems (EIS)

-  Business Intelligence (BI) Applications

- Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions
- Operational and Analytical CRM Integrations

- Online Analytical Processing (OLAP/MOLAP) applications

- Data Mining/Analytic Model-based solutions

Cross-Industry Scope

Financial Services

- Retail and Commercial Banking

- Insurance

- Credit Card



- Wire line Phone

- Mobile Phone

- Internet



- Subscription Satellite Television 

Spinning Globe
Worldwide Experience

- Argentina

- Brazil

- South Africa

- Taiwan

- Thailand

- Malaysia

- Australia

- Singapore

- India

- South Korea

- Canada

- Philippines