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The Gliese Project

A 4-book set of sci-fi novellas by W.D. Smart

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The Gliese Project is a 4-book series of sci-fi novellas telling the story of a group of three scientists who are recruited to reverse-engineer a series of exotic energy technologies from a downed and salvaged UFO. The books are:

1. "Helios" (the Greek god of the Sun) - orbiting solar arrays;
2. “Kratos” (the Greek god of power) – Magnet Pulse Motor Generator (MPMG);
3. “Aeolus” (the Greek god of the winds) – Electrogravitics;
4. “Demeter” (the Greek goddess of the harvest) – Quantum Vacuum Electromagnetic Generators (Zero Point).

All the books are available in both paperback and Kindle e-book editions at the link referenced above.

On all of the Gliese Project books, I've used two special fonts, Bitwise for the speech of Hermes the computer, and PACL for alien writing and alien speech when they are talking among themselves. This effect can now be seen in both the Kindle ebook and paperback editions.

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