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Kepler-438b Kepler-438b

A Science-Fiction Novel by W.D. Smart

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     Human life on Earth was entering its death throes.  The Earth itself, having long suffered the abuse of human pollution, seemed to have given up.  The ozone layer was all but gone, weather patterns around the globe were erratic and extreme, oceans expelled tons of dead and dying sea life on beaches every day, ground water was drying up, crops failed regularly and earthquakes were becoming more and more frequent.  It was as if the Earth itself was trying to slough off a malignant growth.  Humans seemed to ignore all these signs and continued to concentrate their efforts on waging their wars against each other, most of which were fought to gain control over the rapidly dwindling resources, but many still were waged under the banner of supremacy of one God’s love over another God’s love.

     Kepler438-b tells the story of one of mankind’s last efforts to save his species.  It records the voyage and mission of one of the three final spaceships launched before the final fall of Earth whose mission was to establish a viable, self-sufficient, self-perpetuating colony on an exoplanet almost five-hundred light-years from Earth’s solar system:  Kepler438-b.

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