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Icarus The Icarus Syndrome

An Ideological Inquiry into the Degradation of the Earth’s Biosphere

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This book was written to bring to everyone's attention our obsession with technology, which is destroying our planet's biosphere and will eventually, in the author's opinion, bring about the extinction of most species on Earth, both plant and animal, including, of course, our own. Clinging onto the belief that we will soon develop some new technology that will provide us with a free and unlimited source of energy and "save" us is just pure folly. Technology cannot be the solution to our environmental problems – it is the cause.

In the meantime, we should not even consider venturing too far into outer space. Until we learn to live both socially and environmentally compatible with the Earth, any attempt to spread our species to other words should not be called "colonizing." It would more accurately be termed "metastasizing."

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