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I saw an angel come from the sky with a grace and beauty I could not comprehend.

Although she did not touch me, she split me wide open.

All my security and assuredness spilled out on the ground, scattered and


An overwhelming sense of being lost enveloped me.

A coldness gripped my stomach causing me to shiver and choking off my words

     before I could speak.

It was a giddy sense of not knowing what would come next, and knowing I would never

     be able to know.

A constant state of surprise and excitement.

A violent and delicious act of just being.


She smelled of rich earth and lush greenery.

When she moved the universe flowed around her leaving eddies of amazement and



She leveled buildings, twisted roads, uprooted bridges,

Turned night into day, north into south.

She destroyed all order.

Fire leapt from her eyes and music poured from her mouth.


I cannot remember her face.

Copyright © 1996 Bill Smart.  All rights reserved.