Bill Smart Consulting (BSC) Bill Smart Consulting (BSC)

About BSC

Bill Smart Consulting (BSC) is the DBA for Bill Smart, BSC's Principal Consultant.

BSC has been in operation since 1998.  Since that time BSC has performed services for many different customers in various parts of the world.  See the Customers Page more detail.

BSC currently focuses but does not limit it's consulting activities on banks and telecommunication companies in  Southeast Asia, India and Australia.

Prior to starting BSC, Bill Smart had been an employee in the IT areas of United Airlines at their Denver Tech Center in Denver, Colorado and Bank of America at their main Tech Center in Concord, California USA.  During that period Bill started his career as a application and systems programmer, and rose to Senior Systems Manager within Bank of America's Advanced Technology Department.  Bill left Bank of America to work for AT&T Global Solutions and then NCR/Teradata focusing on leveraging data to provide business solutions in various sites in the USA and in England.  See Bill's Professional Biography and  CV/Resume for more details.

Bill now makes his home in Ahngnam, Thailand which is located in the mountains of Phetchabun Province about a 5-hour drive northeast of Bangkok.  See Bill's personal website for more details.

Thailand Fast Facts

65 million
Thai Baht
Capital and Population
Bangkok; 6.6 million
Life Expectancy
513,115 square km
(198,115 square miles)
GDP Per Capita
U.S. $7,000

Parliamentary Democracy  and Monarchy

Literacy Percent

Buddhist, Muslim

Thai, English